Art Journey Project

Journey of the Art Work

March 12, 2013
by sara

Printing LARGE

Movie printing large – watch the print come off the HP large scale printer…….

Recent digital prints, from studio to photoshop to a large scale HP printer…………. by photographing my monotypes and creating color reversals, then drawing and erasing into them it opens a miriad of possibilities.  Will be on view at the Cotuit Center for Arts beginning in April.

ringler_Chaos and order revisted2test

Chaos and Order – digitally manipulated print  48″ x 36″


Digitally manipulated original print.

Digitally manipulated original print.  48″ x 36″

digitally manipulated monotype/etching  48" x 36"

digitally manipulated monotype/etching
48″ x 36″


December 26, 2011
by sara

Going to Strasbourg

Par Avion collaborative project with Anne Wicky

This print is part of the Par Avion Project, a collaborative printmaking and art project which is on its way to Strasbourg, France.   This is stage II of the print.  It began as an ink drawing created by Wicky which I added to with a variety of printmaking techniques.  After looking at the print for a long time I created a monotype with very transparent ink.  Then I worked on a line drawing which I translated into a lithograph.  Finally I added a woodcut to the print.  I responded to the original black ink structure I had to work with.  The print is currently on its way back to Strasbourg where it will be completed by Wicky.   At the same time I am waiting to see the return of the print I originated.  Stage III will invole my final printing and title.  All the finished artwork will hang in an exhibition in November 2012 in Strasbourg, France.  Prior to that, beginning on June 7, there will also be an exhibition of half of the prints at the French Cultural Center sponsored by the Boston-Strasbourg Sister City Association.

Par Avion was a fantastic opportunity to stretch artistic thinking, it was a challenge to work on and with someone with only visual communication.  I loved the process!