Art Journey Project

Journey of the Art Work


Why Art Journey project ?  It began to my remembrance when my mother encouraged me to paint my dresser.  It was brown, drab and very ugly.  I was nine years old I think.  I am not sure the dresser was more beautiful  when I finished painting it, but now it was mine.  That is how it may start, a blessing to create something that has never existed before.  I have had the desire to create, to transform and invent with my own hands.  I will always need to personalize, to create and to invent.  That brings me to the “Art Journey Project”.  It has been my journey through  life to make things.  Now it is the journey of these things to travel.  Simply the art I make will travel and I am going to track where it goes.  Some of my art becomes gifts, some becomes a donation to a cause, some is sold and then re-gifted.  I never really know where things end up.  Sometimes I am surprised when I see something hanging is someone’s home or I find that a piece has been donated to an auction.  I think it will be interesting how many places my creations end up.  That is what this is all about.  The Journey.  If you have my artwork, you can send me an e-mail to confirm its whereabouts. I will map its journey.


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